Micro Trap Columns

Micro Trap Columns

 Micro Trap Columns with all STYROS® Polymeric Media

A wide selection of disposable polymeric micro trap columns with no column holder or any replaceable parts.
With bed volumes as low as 1 µl and up to 66 µl, and a selection of 27 different stationary phases,

it is possible to:

  •   pre-concentrate sample
  •   trap specific components of a mixture
  •   desalt a biopolymer solution
  •   remove detergent from samples
  •   use combinations of column trap in Mud PIT formats
  •   switch column during 2-D, 3-D chromatography, etc.
  •   be placed within the loop of an injection valve for automated loading or elution.
  •  connect in a multitude of setting using 1/16” tubing.

    They can also withstand up to 2,500 psi of back pressure without collapsing.
    They range in ID from 175 µm to 750 µm and in length, from 50 mm to 150 mm.

  • See complete list of over 250 products of MICRO TRAP columns with polymeric media as well as Immobilized Enzyme columns of 0.75 mm ID and different lengths for the digestion of minute amounts of proteins.